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    Kombucha Life Classic

    Kombucha Life Classic is produced by a classic recipe – green tea, white sugar and filtered water. This common formula is approved as classics in production of this beverage. This recipe, which have passed millennial tests, is the basis for our Kombucha Classic. The color of drink is yellow, slight dreggy, but the taste reminds just begun to ferment grape juice. You will experience the scents of apple and honey too. This pure, sour-sweet taste, garnished with thousands of bubbles which tickles the palate will leave a deep memory of something unique and exotic in your senses. The slightly bitter aftertaste is a great finish to each sip. Wealth of flavors comes from the wide range of active substances naturally presented in every bottle. In the manufacture of Kombucha Life Classic we use leaves from certified, pure green tea Gunpowder. It is proved by practice and studies that KOmbucha culture feels best in an environment created by this tea. In such an environment it manages to give all by itself to be possible to obtain that drink, which we can call “classic” eventually. We recommend you to consume Kombucha Life Classic cooled to approximately 10 degrees. Soon we will offer you a variety of Kombucha Life flavors produced by a combination of other tea varieties and fruits. If you want to receive Newsletter with information on all the latest news, please register in “Learn more about our promotions and new products”.
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