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    Kombucha Ginger

    Kombucha Life Ginger is one of the most aromatic and very specific combinations of kombucha with a green tea base and fruits and spices. This combination is very popular among the drink users in the USA. The modern drink combines the taste of slightly fermented green tea, intensive ginger and Goji berry fruit. In the recent years, the ginger has become one of the most popular and used cooking spices. It is already widely available in Bulgarian shops in dried or fresh form. Its taste and flavor are strange and highly intensive. It was used in ancient times only for medical purposes; now the ginger is the “secret” spice of many dishes, sauces, soups, tea and even beer. Exotic Goji berry has a red-orange color and a nice rich taste and it is one of the officially declared “super foods.” It can be eaten dried or in a drink, as in Kombucha Life. The fruit alcalizes and nourishes your body with the necessary nutrients
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